Ups Uta Agreement

The use of space generally requires a written use agreement for the facilities and depends on proof of the use of liability insurance and automobile insurance. We can set and impose limits on your use of API technologies (for example.B. Limit the number of requests you can submit) at our sole discretion. You accept and do not attempt to circumvent these limitations, which are documented with any API technology. If you wish to use API technologies beyond these limits, you must obtain our explicit consent (and we may refuse such a request or condition your consent to additional conditions and/or fees for use). 5.2 Access to proprietary information. You recognize and agree that you may disclose your information and data when providing support services through UPS or support providers, or that you can view it with UPS or support providers; and that this information and data is considered non-confidential and therefore does not fall within the terms and conditions of sale of Article 7, unless UPS has otherwise agreed to it in a confidentiality agreement separate from this Agreement. In addition, you acknowledge that remote communication sessions used by UPS or support providers can be implemented via the Internet, which is inherently uncertain, and you accept that UPS or support providers are not held responsible for Internet security breaches. You should consider the above when requesting support services from UPS or support providers. With UTA`s prior approval, user-specific improvements for the renovation and improvement of the university space can be made and paid for by the user with respect to UTA`s long-term interests, or, if UTA renovations are completed, the university may consider charging improvement fees to the user as part of the costs of using its facilities. 2.3.4 View a digital invoice.

You can receive invoices for services via online services (“digital bill”). Your request to receive invoices in electronic form (or, if effective, receive your invoice in electronic form) is your consent to receive invoices electronically, except in countries and territories where another form of consent is required by law. You can ask to receive your invoices on paper. You recognize and accept that if you receive both the digital invoice and the paper version from us, the official control bill is the paper version and every digital invoice you receive will be provided exclusively for your convenience.